Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine Happy Campers

It's Love Month and it's time to introduce our Happy Camper(s) for February. We have decided to feature a couple this time, to coincide with the celebration of Valentine's Day. This inseparable pair met in Mt. Amuyao and have been climbing together since then.

Pat and Adrian also known as Adrian and Pat are sooo in LOVE ( with mountain climbing) that they'll die if they don't breath the fresh mountain air in a week. Every weekend they eloped the HEAT (of the city) by doing some outdoor activities (twogether?). Yes folks, they do it outdoors .

Happy Valentine to both of you... dear Happy Campers. May you enjoy each other or should I say, may you both enjoy our company and our future climbs.

They do look good together, right?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Mt. Cristobal Traverse

The mystery of Mount Cristobal haunts mountaineers in the Philippines. Much have been said about the "eeriness" and "spookiness" of the place. Some even warned mountaineers not to climb this mountain because it might anger the evil spirits that dwell here.

Well, what do you know... Happy Campers sent a team to demystify Mt. Cristobal and succeeded. The evil spirits did not have the chance to do their playful tricks because they went gaga over the craziest mountain climbers. I would say, they even fell in love with the gang (valentine?). The horrendous rain at the summit that greeted the team was actually a way of welcoming the children to their home.

Sleep tight kids, we are watching over you...aahhoooooooo

Monday, February 9, 2009

Model Camper

You're not Lost. This is Happy Campers Blog and we are featuring our Model (ahem) Camper and buddy Marge. She recently graced Studio 23's Us Girls and the show immediately got a Parental Guidance rating from the MTRCB. We were not surprised. She is permanently Rated R by Happy Campers during climb as in " she doesn't eat RAW ".

The show pitted her against Iya Villana and she won by a mile. It's the blab segment of the show by the way. She should be the permanent host not the guest. What do you guys and gals think?

I say Marge is prettier than Iya. She's talented too. She can sing, dance, act, snorkel, hike, climb mountains and most of all fun to be with. So take your pick...Iya or Marge?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mag- Asawang Bato, Tingloy Island

Party! Party! Party!

That's how we celebrated our First Anniversary. Scaling the Rocky Peak of Mag -Asawang Bato was a bliss. I wont tell you though how we cheated our way back to camp because our noses followed the delicious smell of lechon at the campsite.

Life's Crazy...So Are We!

Crazy For You

Gone Crazy After The Break Up

Crazy Hike

Crazy Jump

The Happiest and Craziest Campers in the Philippines!

Thanks to Outdoor Addicts and to our new friends. See you in our next climb..

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Camper of the Month... Barsabias Lopez Jr

He is well known in the Philippine Mountaineering Community as Mr. Pure Energy, Day O, or simply Sir Bars. He never leaves without his magical Genesis bottle and claims that it contains an energy drink, a therapeutic liquid, Holy Water and an aphrodisiac.

His noble campaign against Youth Alcoholism is getting widespread support from campers nationwide. All of them vowed to drink all alcoholic beverages in the country so that the youth will be left with nothing to drink. They are going for an Alcohol- Free Philippines!

Mr. Pure Energy can climb, tell jokes, sing, dance and drink all at the same time. He seldom takes a rest and when he does, he is dreaming that he is climbing, singing, dancing, drinking and cracking a joke.

We wish you all the best Sir Bars... especially to your new career composing Funeral Songs. May all your songs be an UNDERGROUND HIT.

Day Light Come and We Wanna Go Home

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Anniversary... Happy Campers!

Do you remember our first climb in Mt. Daguldol last year? Here's some pictures for you to recall...

...our first stop

...super sweet halo-halo prompted Jod to answer nature's call.

...we were hopeful then. what went wrong? peace Gina!

... Mt. Daguldol beauties

... mysterious mountain nymph caught in the act

... cliff hanger? whoa

... we did make it on our first try!

Happy Campers Pilipinas 2008

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mt. Pulag Video

Have you been to Mount Pulag? If not, then these videos taken at the summit will convince you to take the trip. See the magnificent sunrise for yourself...